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Pets bring huge amounts of joy and happiness and companionship into our lives but unfortunately, there comes a time when we have to say goodbye. This is understandably a difficult time and this checklist is intended to help you make the right decision for you, your family and your pet.

It is better to think ahead and plan for your pet’s passing as this will give you the opportunity to think clearly about what you want, and if it is a family pet, the wishes of family members including children. Leaving decision-making to the last moment, when emotions are heightened and grief is involved, may be difficult.
Thinking about your pet’s passing beforehand will allow you to make clearer decisions. It is a good idea to write your wishes down in a plan, so you don’t forget anything at a more stressful time. You can alter and revise your plan at any time.

The following checklist is intended to help you make the right decision for you, your family and your pet.

• Where would you like it to happen?
Currently we able to offer the procedure only in our clinic due to the number of the staff involved with procedure however in the future we hope to offer at home euthanasia services.
• Who will be there?
Any family members who wish to attend
• When will it happen?
This is difficult question, and your vet can help you with sensitive and objective advice. Remember that your pet’s quality of life is the most important factor when deciding to say Goodbye.
• What will happen to your deceased pet after the procedure?
There are various options available including:
1. Burial at home (If you wish to burry your pet in a place that has sentimental value you to. Remember this must be private owned land)
2. Communal cremation (this means you will not receive your pet ashes but they will be scattered in a memorial ground to rest in peace). Paw prints and hair clippings can be made if requested.
3. Individual cremation (you will be able to receive your pet’s ashes back) with Keepsakes if you wish like paw prints and hair clippings. If you opt for individual cremation, consider the type of vessel that you want for your pet’s ashes (different return options and urns are available from PCS who we have partnered with)

The process of the euthanasia:

Depending on your preference you can or not be present during the procedure. After discussing your decision with the vet, a nurse will insert an intravenous catheter in one of your pet’s limbs to allow intravenous injection of the anaesthetic agent. Euthanasia is an overdose of an anaesthetic agent and the process is quick – depending on the patient they will got to sleep within 10 seconds to a couple minutes. It is completely painless. Once the euthanasia is performed, you may if you like spend a little more time in private with your pet.

Things to know: Animals do not necessarily close their eyes when they have passed. They can also take a couple deep breaths and muscle tremors after the euthanasia has been performed, these are normal bodily reactions even after the pet has passed away. Pets can release their bowels and bladder during the anaesthesia, this is due to their muscles relaxing from the anaesthetic.